Promoting NEOS is a full-time undertaking and we all need to pull together to make the most of the time surrounding the event and generate all of the interest we can.


Official 2019 Logos and Graphics

Download the official logo to add to your posters or promotional material. This page is the only official source for the NEOS logo.

It is important that everyone involved in NEOS uses the logo. If we have a range of different logos this confuses the public and diffuses the impact of any promotional efforts.

These logos remain the copyright of North East Open Studios and are for NEOS Members use only, and must not be shared without prior permission. Contact us here.

How to use

When using the logo file please don’t enlarge them — you’ll impair the quality. They can be reduced a little and must be kept in proportion. If you require a particular size or format that isn’t here, contact

To download logo images, click on the link to the relative format and the image will open in a new page. Then right-click on the image and choose ‘save as’ to download it to your desktop.

NEOS Yellow Sign:

If you need more yellow signs to help signpost your event download this file and print on to YELLOW PAPER! Alternatively, this could also be used as a poster template if printed to A4.

Signage Guides

There are three local authorities involved in the NEOS area and each has specific rules for placement of your yellow signs before, during and after NEOS.
Please take the time to read the instructions relevant to your area. (click to download). The local authorities have to power to take down any signs they deem inappropriate and NEOS could be fined, so its best to follow their rules.

Aberdeen City & Shire Signage Guide

Moray Council Signage Guide

Visitor Survey form

During the event we need to be able to gauge interest from our visitors. To help us do this we ask them to reply to our questionnaire which we send out to everyone who has supplied their email address. We need you to collect emails from your visitors and we’ve provided a sheet of forms here that you can download and print
download visitor survey form