NEOS EGM – 8th January 2017. At the meeting on Sunday the member’s excelled themselves with 21 people stepping forward to serve on the committee for 2017. What a fantastic response showing just how much we all passionately care about NEOS. An interim committee of the key post holders were appointed on the advice of our Independent Chair. At the first official meeting which will be held within the next two weeks, the committee members will vote to confirm the appointments made and elect officials to any other posts as required. Thank you to the Outgoing Chair Rae Osborne for arranging an Independent Chair for the meeting to keep us all focused on the key objectives, the continuing success of NEOS . To everyone who has volunteered a huge thank you !!! Looking forward to NEOS 2017.

We will be in touch soon with news of sign up and beyond!

Ruth McEvilly
NEOS Interim Chair