Christmas Pop up Event


santa graphic

You may have already noticed that some or our members’ details in the directory are featuring a snowflake icon, designed using the arrow from the NEOS logo. This is new for 2019 and the idea is somewhat of an experiment.

The committee became aware that many of our members are involved in Pop Up events before Christmas and we felt it would be a good idea to advertise this in the NEOS book. And we thought we should join in.

Our Christmas Pop Up weekend will be on Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December. Our members only have to be open for one of those days to qualify for the snowflake, so if you are interested in going to the Christmas event please contact the individual member to make sure of the time and the place! Details for each artist is in their section of the directory on this site.

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We encourage NEOS artists to produce their own marketing for the Xmas Pop Up, and some NEOS participants have produced an Artist Trail map. You can download these maps below.