A full-colour NEOS Book is published each year and distributed in August throughout the North East of Scotland and beyond. As we are only starting preparations for NEOS 2022, we don’t yet have a 2022 Book available, but the NEOS 2021 Book and Map contain all the information you need to contact individual artists and groups from 2021 Open Studios event. This can be used all year round.

The NEOS 2021 Book can be accessed in several ways:

  • You can download a PDF copy to store on your device (~6MB). This may open automatically, but by default will go to your download folder.
  • Use the search facility to find individual artists by name or search by discipline.
  • Pop over to issuu for the full virtual-page-turning experience.

Note: Artists choose their own opening hours during NEOS so to avoid disappointment please check their listing to ensure the studio is open before you visit.