These videos were created in 2018 to help promote NEOS in a filmic way on Social Media and other video platforms. Not everyone featured in these films is taking part in this year’s NEOS. We are very grateful to Aberdeenshire Council who gave us a Capacity Grant that allowed us to commission Poppycock Films and Wildbird to make them.

A Tempting Taster

With Emma Rodenhurst-Grant, Fenneke Wolters-Sinke, Beverley Hutton Moore, Elaine Lindsay, Ashley Brammer, Fiona Duckett, Bryan Angus, Liz Alderdice, Susie Hunt.

A Taste of Mixed Media

With Fenneke Wolters-Sinke.

A Taste of Ceramics

With Fiona Duckett.

A Taste of Photography

With Liz Alderdice.

A Taste of Heritage Crafts

With Elaine Lindsay.

A Taste of Painting

With Susie Hunt.

A Taste of the Illustrators Art

With Emma Rodenhurst-Grant.

A Taste of Glass

With Ashley Brammer.

A Taste of Printmaking

With Bryan Angus.

A Taste of Jewellery & Silversmithing

With Beverley Hutton Moore.