Terms &

The following details the Terms & Conditions of Entry to NEOS 2017

Download a copy: NEOS Terms &Conditions 2017

(see footnotes for a full explanation)

Application to participate in NEOS is in 2 parts

(a) online registration to create a login and password
(b) acceptance of the terms and conditions below.
Submitting your entry confirms that you have read and accept these Terms and Conditions of entry

  1. Artists’ main residence & practice is to be in the North East of Scotland (i)
  2. All work must be of original design/pattern and created by the Artist/Maker from concept to final work. (ii)
  3. Items exhibited must NOT be sourced from third parties. (iii)
  4. All work must be of a high quality in the artists/makers chosen field. (iv)
  5. You need to be willing to be present in your studio or chosen space over the duration of the Open Studio event and to speak to visitors about your work. (v)
  6. If you are exhibiting with other artists/makers in a hired venue, you must be available to meet with the public during your published opening hours. (vi)
  7. You will be expected to help with distribution of publicity material; primarily this is your allocation of the annual NEOS Directories. (vii)
  8. Exhibitors are responsible for their own public liability insurance, and are required to make their venue area safe and tidy ready for the public. (viii)
  9. All artists within a venue must be registered to exhibit, unless they are part of a registered group. Please note if the name of an unregistered artist is entered within the artist’s statement then it will be removed. (ix)
  10. Members of registered Groups must be bonafide members of the Group. (x)
  11. Entry fees must be paid in full before the Signup closure 2016. Failure to do so will result in your application being withdrawn. (xi)
  12. No refunds will be given after entry closing (xii)
  13. Artists are required to promote their own studio through their own contacts and networks and not to rely solely on NEOS marketing. (xiii)
  14. The NEOS Directory is an Annual All Year Directory; therefore the Artists Statements are to be about their Artistic practice and their inspiration. (xlv)
  15. NEOS reserves the right to exclude, edit or decline any content deemed to be inappropriate or offensive. It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure all details are correct on the online application form at the time of submission as no further proof reading will be carried out. NEOS accepts no liability, direct or consequential, for any errors or omissions in its advertising and promotional material. Please note that there will be a £10 administration fee for any additional edits to your submission.


  1. In recent years artists have entered who do not live in the North East of Scotland, but rent a property to enable them to participate. North East Open Studios is for local artists only and all entered artists must reside & practice within the NEOS area, defined as north of a line drawn from Montrose to Inverness.
  2. Design & construction must be of the artists own making from raw materials and design/pattern through to completion.
  3. We have had complaints of an exhibitor, who whilst exhibiting their own work had also bought in items, which were on display and for sale. This is not in the NEOS ethic of exhibiting and supporting artists own work.
  4. The majority of the work exhibited is of a very high quality; however a very small number of visitors have expressed concerns regarding the quality of some work exhibited in the past couple of years. If you have concerns as to the quality of your work, please email northeastopenstudios@gmail.com and the committee can assist by advising on other practitioners, whose work is acknowledged as being of the highest quality, against whom you can measure your work and thereby be inspired to new heights of achievement.
  5. Visitors will have selected to come & see you based on your image and statement in the Directory; therefore it is important for the reputation of NEOS, that you are available at the times published in the Directory. If you are sharing a venue and you cannot be there the whole time the Venue is open, then publish the times you will be there. i.e If the Venue is open 9 -5 and you can only be there 10 – 4 then you publish 10 – 4 so that a visitor will not arrive at 4.30 expecting to see you when you have left at 4.00pm.
  6. You should make every effort to treat your space as your own studio; therefore it is unacceptable to expect your fellow artists to “look after” your work, as whilst they are “looking after” your work, they may miss out on speaking to a visitor about their own work. If you are unable to be present at all times, you must make arrangements for your personal space to be covered, but this should only be in exceptional circumstances.
  7. Every paid up exhibitor is allocated a box of approximately 50 Directories, which are to assist in publicising NEOS and your own exhibition. The aim is to distribute all of the catalogues as soon as possible after collection, it is not to have a pile of Directories in your venue. Anyone coming to see you will usually have their own Directory, which is how they decided to come and see your work.
  8. Your venue should be safe for the public to visit, but you should also arrange for Public Liability Insurance. This is included in the Membership Fee of some Artists Organisations. i.e. http://www.sau.org.uk/membership/insurance/ or https://www.a-n.co.uk/about/type/insurance
  9. Individual artists can gather together to hire a venue, if they feel that their Studio/Workspace is not suitable for visitors. All of these artists must have individual entries in the Directory as they do not qualify for a Group entry because they do not meet throughout the year and are therefore not a Constituted Group. It is also not in the individual artist’s interest as their name will not appear in the Directory, and visitors will be unable to trace them after NEOS.
  10. Group Membership is essential to exhibit as part of a group.
  11. Payment confirms that you accept these Terms & Conditions and have entered voluntarily into this contract with North East Open Studios
  12. The Data needs to be compiled ready for the Graphic Designer to lay out the Directory, and any refund/withdrawal, will delay this process, and ultimately the printing of the Directory.
  13. NEOS will promote the event, in local Journals and in Visit Scotland and Visit Aberdeen publications, along with many Arts, Culture & Lifestyle Publications. NEOS will also benefit from Aberdeen Festivals Marketing and Promotion throughout Scotland, Norway and on the East Coast Train Line. NEOS does not have the funds to promote each individual artist/maker other than by the publication of the Annual Artists Directory.
  14. Statements which speak of the artist’s studio location or view tie the Directory to the Open Studios 9 days. The Directory is an annual publication which is used by Galleries and the public to source artists/makers across the North East of Scotland. Therefore it is in the individuals best interest to use the description section on their entry to discuss their practice and artist statement
  15. The volunteer NEOS Committee are responsible for the reputation of NEOS and of the exhibiting artists, both in the Public sector and within the creative community. The directory is promoted as an annual directory, but we rely upon the artists to provide the correct information.

If you have any questions please email northeastopenstudios@gmail.com