We have had so many letters and comments, hints and tips on how to improve NEOS, we are sorry that we cannot reply to each one individually but hope that the below may answer most of these.

What are the dates for NEOS 2016?
The dates for open studios 10 – 18 September 2016

How can I join NEOS 2016?
Sign up for this year is between 1st and 20th April and there is a “Join NEOS” button on each website page.

Could we please get directories earlier than August?
We want to create a buzz before the event and releasing the directories six weeks before this helps us do this. Also the time between the closing date for applications and getting back
the brochures from the printers is very tight.

Why no posters?
In past years we have printed posters and have had boxes left over after the event; however we do produce a suite of blank NEOS branded posters in various formats (Pdf, Word) so participants can download and customise, NEOS materials are currently being designed and produced.

There should be more outlets for the directories in Aberdeen City
Absolutely. However, we have heard of some good examples.

Books and Beans in Belmont St had them on their tables and were pointing people to the Belmont Cinema to collect their own copies. It is up to us all to use our own contacts to do the same. We have got the brochures in every Tourist Information Centre in the NE also all Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire libraries and many Galleries

People kept expecting to pay for the directories
That is a nice problem to hear about. We have implemented the word “free” on the cover.

Could the dates be changed to May/June earlier in the NE tourist season?
We have become a fixture in the events of the NE calendar. The present date and the yellow signs help us in this as it prompts people’s memories. Also, we have heard from other Open Studios that they have changed dates and confused the public.

There is no local publicity
Local publicity is best carried out by participants in their local area. Newspapers are more likely to do a story if it has a local angle. Also, locals know the best B&Bs, hotels, surgeries, vets, shops, dentists etc to put the directories in to.

Again, its up to us all to promote NEOS. From the feedback of participants only 22% sent out more than 100 invites to people – as we’ve always said, NEOS is not a promotional company, and it cannot be responsible for the promotion of each individual entrant – and has a limited budget for general advertising. NEOS needs the advocacy and promotion from every participant if we are to become embedded in the public’s mind as one of the best ways to experience art and craft in the North East of Scotland.

Would it be possible for venues to be numbered and artists and makers at their venue given the venue number?
A difficult question… group shows of individual artists are an excellent way of not only drawing a bigger audience (killing birds with stones is the horrible metaphor!) – but it is also an excellent way of networking with other artists.

To create a single entry number for a venue that has multiple entrants would be misleading to the public who can currently look at the map and see each individual artist’s number and therefore how many artists are exhibiting at a venue.

Can I join NEOS with my friends and pay a group entry fee?
No. Group entry is restricted to Constituted Groups who meet all year round.

Many participants see NEOS as simply a 9 day event – when, in fact, it is one of Scotland’s most comprehensive and professional arts listings.